Whole house water repiping

Repipe the house is like the name says the replacement of all the water pipes of the house due to leaks for corrosion.We offers Pex repiping and Cpvc repiping.Unfortunately, the owners repipe the house after 4-5 leak repairs which normally cost almost the price of the repiping if the decision would be made from the first leak.

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Mr alligator shut off valve

There are partial repiping such as:

  1. Main water line replacement from the meter to the entrance of the house.
  2. Repipe one area like the kitchen, one bath, or laundry room.

The repiping can be run through the attic if the house has a slab or from the crawl space if is a manufactured home or a raised house.

if the repipe is for the whole house it includes:

  • The city permit.
  • The connection to the meter.
  • The main water line.
  • New shut-off valve
  • Outside spigots.
  • Presure control valve.
  • New water heater connection.
  • Laundry room with hammer arrestors box.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms with new stop and supply lines.

If you are going to repipe the house it is always recommended to replace the water heater, unless was installed recently.

Yes, it is highly recommended it. Now that you are going to repipe the house, the filtration will protect your kidneys, liver, your water fixtures, your water heater, your clothes, etc.

If your house is more than 20 years old and your pipes are copper, then it is recommended before a leak happens.

If they are in bad condition yes. If the valves have visible calcification and build up, then it is recommended.

Unfortunately, on some walls, the drywall needs to be cut if the pipes can’t go through. It depends on the access. But we will close the opening, patching, finishing, texture, and painting if you have the paint.

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