Whole House Filtration Installation

Everyone knows the importance of water for our health. We are what we drink. Sometimes you can see faucets, showers, and toilets with a lot of calcium and buildup in it. That is because there is no filtration system in the house. If you drink that tap water your body is going to be “the filter”

Mr alligator whole house filter

The minimum system should be:

  • sediment filter.
  • Water softener.
  • Icemaker filter.


  • Addition of a carbon filter.


  • Osmosis.

NOTE: Houses with well needs additional filters and sometimes a chlorine station.

Simple. It is like a comparison between cars. All cars are cars. But you cannot compare between makes and models because there is a huge difference in prices. 

Another important factor in pricing filters is the number of gallons they can filter, the quantity of particulate reduction rating, the flow rate in GPM, the electronic, the smart sensors, connectivity, and other specific characteristics that make the difference in prices very wide.

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