Water Softener Installation

We do water softener installations and replacements. We do not repair water softeners because in many cases that problem persists and it is nonprofessional to go back and force many times for the same repair when we already know that in many cases that it is not going to work.

Mr alligator water softener installation
Mr alligator recommended filtration system

The minimum filtration every house should have is:

  • Sediment filter.
  • water softener.
  • Ice maker filter(Fridge)


  • Addition of a carbon filter.


  • Osmosis.
  • UV filter.

NOTE: Houses with well needs additional filters and sometimes a chlorine station.

Simple. It is like a comparison between cars. All cars are cars. But you cannot compare between makes and models because there is a huge difference in prices. 

Another important factor in pricing filters is the number of gallons they can filter, the quantity of particulate reduction rating, the flow rate in GPM, the electronic, the smart sensors, connectivity, and other specific characteristics that make the difference in prices very wide.

Well, it does not have to be buried. But it is recommended because there have been cases where a filtration system was stolen. 

Yes. But keep in mind that the water softener needs a drain and an outlet.

If you do not have a close to the point of installation a drain then a french drain needs to be added because when the water softener does the process of softening the water it needs to discharge the water. I have seen yards flooded because the owner installed a water softener and they did not install a french drain.

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