French drain installation

Here in Florida when the rain and hurricane season arrive many owners face small to serious flooding and clogged drain problems. Actually, there are many areas classified as a “flooding zone”

Mr alligator sewer trench
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The most challenging issue with the flooding problems is the foundation of the house. You have to evaluate if you think your house is worth the investment in a complete yard drainage system.

Many owners find more valuable what others can see like a concrete driveway, pavers, kitchen, and bathroom renovations.

If the foundation of the house got damaged there will be no more beautiful bathroom, kitchen, I mean it no more house. 

Unfortunately, it is not cheap. It is expensive.

The materials are not especially cheap, but the project can change from one house to another one depending on the situation of the house over the ground. Materials can be from a single point draining to a certain area to a various sum pump to be installed.

Any exterior work is not cheap. Digging it is very hard. Working under the sun, the rain, with muddy ground, through roots is challenging physically. There are areas where an excavator or a trencher cannot be used. Digging through sprinklers, electric wires, sewer pipes, gas pipes, and cable lines is a slow and tedious task. Also, the design itself is not simple.

First, do it yourself. You do not need insurance, a truck, an excavator or trencher, personnel, etc. You need just a shovel, plumbing knowledge, and a lot of enthusiasm.

Second, you can open all the trenches, and we can do the design of the system and the plumbing work. Once it is done, you can cover the trenches back. That can save you money.

Finally, after you dig three or five yards and you give up, we can take care of the project as usually happens. But, at least you tried.


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