• Water leaks on walls, between floors, under slabs, under houses, or yards.
  • Sewer or drainage stoppages.
  • toilet clogged up.
  • Shower blocked.
  • Sink, shower, toilet slow.
  • Pipes gurgling.
  • Electronic leak location.
  • Video sewer inspection.
  • Sewer tracing location.
  • Main shut-off valves.
  • Gas leak repair.
  • Sum-pump replacement.
  • Yard flooding solutions.
  • Mold, mildew, humidity.
  • Waterproofing baths.
  • valve replacements.
  • Pipe vibrations.
  • water heater leaking or without working.
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Yes and No, an emergency is a parcial solution to solve a major problem created. For example, an stoppage created by wipe towels or an object in the sewer is an emergency that can be solved with the snake. But it will become also a repair if the reason are roots through the pipe. In this case the tile needs to be cut, the slab needs to be opened, cut the pipe, remove the roots, repair the pipe, cover the hole, apply anti thermites solution, patch the concrete, tile next day the floor, and grout it.

Installing a whole house filtration system. It comes with sediment filter, water softener, carbon filter, and osmosis 5 stages.

Toilets are easy to replace the parts inside the tank like flush valve, fill valve, and tank to bowl gasket. But, you have to evaluate the costs of replacing these vs the full replacement of the toilet. Some people replace the toilets to be more updated, or to have high confort toilets.

It could be problems with ventilation or stoppage problems. Stoppages have many reasons like old cast iron pipes corroded, roots, objects, etc. These situations do not allow the pipe to breathe and you can hear the gurgling through the pipes and running very slow.

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