Evaluation, and diagnosis of a problem and their options to be fixed it. If the customer agrees with one of the proposals this diagnosis will be discounted from the work.


Small adjustments

Sometimes owners try to install something and get stuck trying. If is an small adjustment or something missing from the steps we can help with that.


Small installations

Some materias supplied by the customer that needs to be installed like strainers, toilets, faucets, disposal, etc. 



House Inspection

Plumbing inspection, Waterproofing inspection, humedity, mold, tile, Showers, bathtub, faucets, vents, leaks(Visual inspections), etc.


Leak search

Visual and electronic leak search and location(Repair will be quoted separately).



Yard leak repair

Visual leak search, location, dig up, water pipe repair(Clean dig, easy access).



Select Your Plumbing Project or Emergency:

Plumbing projectPrice
Hire a Master Plumber and helper from$125.00
Install a Water Heater from$250.00
Install a faucet from$230.00
Plumbing projectPrice
Clean a Sewer Line from $215.00
Install a Shower Valve from$425.00
Install Sewer pump from$1200.00

Select Your Tile Project or Emergency:

Plumbing projectPrice
Install a shower base from$375.00
Install backsplash from$480.00
Install bath floor from$550.00
Plumbing projectPrice
Waterproof  shower from$850.00
Tile bathtub from$1580.00
Install shower enclosure from$1300.00

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